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Serving in the Liturgy

Serving in Liturgy at Blessed Sacrament

Please contact us if you would like more information on the following ministries.  

Altar Guild

The altar guild is responsible for cleaning & ironing all liturgical linens and vestments.  Volunteers needed on a rotating weekly basis.

Altar Servers

Altar servers must have received their first communion and be in 4th grade to participate.  Children are needed at weekend Masses, weddings and funerals.  Scheduling is done in advance and training is required.  Commitment is monthly as scheduled.

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

Between 10-12 ministers serve at each Mass, on weekends and holy days of obligation.  This is a participation in the central celebration of our faith – encountering Christ in the Eucharist.  We rely on ministers to check the schedule, be prompt at Mass, and add to the reverence of our celebration.  Trainings are provided periodically and ongoing formation is expected for active ministers.  Participation in this ministry is directly connected to the pastor in the local parish.  If you have previous experience, please contact us to find the next training time.  Commitment is from 1-2 times per month.

Ministers to the Home-bound and Shut-ins

This is an even more ancient ministry in the Church than Eucharistic ministry at mass.  Blessed Sacrament usually has between 20-30 members who cannot leave their homes or care environments.  We count on Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick to make visits to the hospital, nursing homes, and various parts of town.  We are always in need of support of this beautiful ministry.  Training is required especially for those who go to the hospital.

Funeral Assistants

These ministers assist the priest or deacon in celebrating the Rite of Christian burial. The funeral rites normally take place during the day so those with flexible schedules are best suited for this ministry.

Lectors and Commentators

Each mass involves a commentator and two readers.  The commentator uses his or her voice and presence to make clear, concise announcements before the start of Mass.   Lectors translate the written Word of God into a spoken message.  Your words could carry the Word of God and touch many hearts!

Liturgical Arts & Environment

Have you noticed how often the decorations and artistic environment of the Church changes?  From our weekly Masses, to changes in season, to our key Masses throughout the year, our celebration needs your artistic sense and creativity.

Ushers and Greeters

Ushers and greeters play an understated but essential role in the liturgy.  With large crowds of people, we need to make sure everyone gets to their seat and feels welcome in our sanctuary.  Once Mass starts, ushers assist with the collection and with communion and any other issues that may arise.  Four to six needed for all Masses.  Commitment is monthly as scheduled.

Music Ministries

Share the gift of your voice or instrument or your love of music with our parish choirs.  Each Mass has a choir and helps to engage, to animate, and to draw the church into worship through the music of the Mass.  From the earliest times, parts of the Mass have been sung because music opens the door of the heart to love God even more.  English choirs are currently meeting on Mondays for practice and then participating in the corresponding Masses on the weekend.  The Spanish choir is a separate group coordinated by Marin Sanchez.

Nursery Volunteers at Mass

During the 10am Mass, we have a nursery available throughout the year for children 1-3 years old.  Adult and teenage volunteers are welcome.  As always, participating in activities that engage the youth requires VIRTUS.  See our page for more information on training times.