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Marriage Preparation Program

Timeline: Please contact your priest at least 6 months prior to your wedding so that we can ensure that everything is in order. The secretary can not put a date on our calendar until we have Baptismal certificates in hand. This certificate confirms that you are Catholic and free to marry. To obtain, contact the Church where you were baptized and ask for a certificate “with notations.” Non-Catholic Christians will need to furnish some evidence of baptism.

Meeting with the Priest: The priest or deacon will meet with the couple about once a month to discuss the Sacrament of marriage, the Scriptures, the promises, the responsibilities, and the details of the celebration. The priest is responsible for all related paperwork and will walk the couple through the proper steps. If the couple is coming from another Diocese, preparations should take place in that Diocese.

Prepare/Enrich: Since the time of engagement is a time for increased communication, Blessed Sacrament provides this relationship analysis program as a tool to help the couple. A member of the parish will be assigned to work with you. There is no cost for this program.

Unveiled: The Diocese of Richmond offers a one-day retreat called “Unveiled.” The facilitator uses both video and print media to aid in the review and reflection over a variety of themes. Registration is found on the Diocese website. To ensure availability, please check the calendar and register in advance. There are also other possible programs such as the Pre-Cana retreat. These programs are all meant to enrich the preparation experience for the couple.

Other Resources: See the Diocese of Richmond website for more marriage preparation resources.


Use of the sanctuary – $200 or $400 for non-parishioners.
Coordinator (who assists the priest) – $100
Altar servers – donation is considerate
Musicians – fees according to the musician
Priest – no fee is required for the priest. Stipend may be given at the discretion of the couple

The Sacrament of Matrimony

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